Summer Jobs

There are life-impacting opportunities for high school students, college students and beyond to serve at Camp Ithiel during the summer! If you are someone interested in spending time investing in young people’s lives, then Camp Ithiel is the place for you! You can apply to be a camp counselor, song leader (usually guitarist), craft leader, photographer, program assistant, etc. There are a number of avenues you can go. Not only will you spend the summer ministering to people in a solid Christian atmosphere, but you will also be stretched and challenged to grow in your own faith walk as you pour in to others. Working at camp for a summer will impact your life forever! See Staff Details for more information.

Summer Jobs

Employment Positions

Camp Counselor: The heartbeat of Camp Ithiel is its counseling staff. By living with campers, leading games and activities and sharing experiences, counselors give credibility to the Bible studies taught at our camp. Through our counselors’ examples of Christ-like living, campers are inspired to love God, love people, and live powerfully in their own lives. If you want to impact a young person’s life (and can keep up with crazy kids), there is no greater way to do so than being a counselor! Must be 18 or older. Job Description.

Song Leader: Are you gifted in music? Primarily the guitar and vocals? Well, come and share your gift with us! Song leaders are crucial to camp’s spiritual impact. Deciding Morning Watch (devotions) and evening Vespers (worship) songs, preparing PowerPoint slides, rehearsing songs, planning and organizing Vespers, and serving camp in other small ways… all these things speak to the work of our camp song leader. Job Description.

Photographer: Smiling faces at camp are what parents love to see most. Having a photographer is important. The camp photographer shoots hundreds of photos a day, capturing the excitement of activities. They then sort and edit shots. We desire to capture memories of life change so campers can go home and remember their time with us. Where the campers are, so also is the photographer! Job Description.

Lifeguard: Safety is important to us. Making sure campers are safe—whether they’re out canoeing in the lake or swimming in the pool—is of top priority. If you are interested in being a summer camp lifeguard and you have proper certification and training, we would love to work with you. Contact Mike Neff ( for more information.

Volunteer Positions

Counselor-in-Training (C.I.T.): This role was designed for high school aged students who desire to be counselors at camp. C.I.T.’s are younger than eighteen. C.I.T.’s are usually only used for our youngest camp (Kids Camp); however, students who fill this role are equally valuable to our camp program as anyone. Gaining experience through this opportunity is exciting. Students can acquire community service hours as C.I.T.’s. Job Description.

Craft Leader: Do you have crafty hands and possess a creative mind? If so, being a craft leader would be perfect for you! Our campers love arts and crafts. They love to be creative. It is important that we find someone imaginative enough to think of fun, exciting crafts. Parents love to see the silly things campers make.

Dorm Parent (Dad or Mom): Counselors will sometimes need an extra voice of authority to help them get excited campers to bed. Or, the Dean may need someone to supervise campers while counselors are in daily meetings. Dorm Parents are huge assets during camp. Dorm Parents stay in the cabins with campers and counselors, providing a gentle parental presence. Dorm parents also passionately extend an extra hand elsewhere around camp (like, setting up for meals or games).

Dean: The Dean gets campers and staff moving from one activity to the next. He or she runs the camp schedule, leads and supports counselors, and helps solve problems when they arise (like, camper-counselor conflicts). This position is filled by the Program Director asking an individual to lead. Suggestions welcomed.

Chaplain: Camp Ithiel is a Christian camp. It is important that we teach campers how to live godly lives in today’s world. The Chaplain provides spiritual direction for our camp, preparing morning devotions and engaging messages for evening Vespers. The Chaplain serves as our “shepherd,” if you will, while they are with us. This position is filled by the Program Director asking an individual to lead. Suggestions welcomed.

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Camp Ithiel is a Christian camp and retreat center in Gotha, FL near Orlando offering summer camps and rental facilities for retreat groups, weddings and meetings. For more information, please call (407) 293-3481.

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