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Important: Application & Due Date

Please submit staff application as soon as possible. After you have submitted your application, expect to hear back from Camp Ithiel for an interview.



2018 Summer Schedule

After receiving word that you have been hired by Camp Ithiel, please plan to attend Staff Orientation, which will be held at onsite. Staff Orientation is a weekend of training and getting to know the people you will be working with this summer. All Program Staff are required to attend Staff Orientation.

Staff Orientation (counselor requirement) June 16 – June 17
Kids Camp June 22 – June 24
Senior High Camp June 24 – June 29
Junior High Camp July 1 – July 6
Junior Camp July 8 – July 13
Mountain Adventure Travel Camp July 29 – August 3

Staff Expectations

Whatever is done in moderation by a staff member will be done in excess by a camper. Because we desire to minister to as many people as possible we have established guidelines that will provide a successful, undistracted, fun focus on spiritual formation and Christian community. Just so we all are on the same page, we want to be clear and upfront about some things we are going to require of you so the gospel can be preached to all campers without distraction.

Safety: Safety of campers and staff is extremely important. To ensure the highest level of safety, all staff must follow Camp Ithiel’s regulations regarding curfew, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any dangerous drugs while camp is in session and during time off. We expect all staff to promote safe behavior, caring for others and stopping dangerous behavior immediately should circumstances arise. Together we can ensure Camp Ithiel is an exciting and safe space for everyone.

Background Checks: By applying to work at Camp Ithiel you are giving us permission to run a background check on you.

Appearance: We have chosen to provide a list of what not to wear at camp: undergarments must not show, no short shorts and spaghetti straps, crop tops, two piece bikinis or any other questionable clothing (clothes promoting alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sex, drugs, or death themes). Dress responsibly.

Electronics: In order to free you and your campers from distractions, cell phones and other media devices may only be used during counselor breaks. Cell phones may also be used as morning alarm clocks.

Unity: With so many staff members from different places and backgrounds working toward the goal of having a successful camp season, it is important that we strive for unity. Every leader is expected to promote “the unity of the Spirit with the peace that binds us” (Ephesians 4:3). We expect all our summer staff to honor their colleagues and campers.

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Camp Ithiel is a Christian camp and retreat center in Gotha, FL near Orlando offering summer camps and rental facilities for retreat groups, weddings and meetings. For more information, please call (407) 293-3481.

2037 Hempel Avenue
Gotha, FL 34734

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