Eagle Scout Projects

Over the years Camp Ithiel has supported and hosted many Boy Scout activities, and the scouts have developed relationships with both our staff and our site. As a result, many scouts have chosen Camp Ithiel as the site of their Eagle Scout Projects, and we appreciate their various contributions. Below are images of various projects completed on site. Click on any project to enlarge the image. If you, or a scout you know, are looking for somewhere to do an Eagle Scout Project, take a look at “Why Do Eagle Scout Projects at Camp Ithiel” below.

Eagle Scout Projects

Here are just a few projects done at Camp Ithiel over the years (top left to bottom right): amphitheater, poolside grills, volleyball court, basketball court, treehouse, handicap accessible ramp, pool shade, activity field light, and gaga ball pit.

Why Do Eagle Scout Projects at Camp Ithiel?

This is a great question! Here are just a few reasons why Camp Ithiel is an ideal location for Eagle Scout Projects! If you have any interest in doing your Eagle Scout Project at Camp Ithiel, contact mike@campithiel.org for more information and a list of potential projects.

1) Your Project Will Be Used: Your project will be used (and appreciated!) by the many campers, students, adults and groups that Camp Ithiel hosts each year.
2) You Will Be Part of a Tradition: Camp Ithiel has hosted over 20 Eagle Scout Project on site. Your project will positively impact our camp and facilities which people have used for decades and will continue to use in the future!
3) Your Project Will Actually Help: As a non-profit, Camp Ithiel seeks to do the most that we can with the resources that we have. When you supply the materials for your project, you are actually completing a valuable project at camp AND allowing us to use camp resources on larger projects, like improvements to buildings and infrastructure.
4) We Will Help You: Our Camp Director has extensive experience working with scouts who are seeking a place to do their Eagle Scout Project. You’ll find him available to answer questions and help with planning, willing to provide a list of potential projects. In addition, you will never find that your project bogs down waiting for an answer from us.

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