Why Work At Summer Camp? PART 1

We’ve been running a Why Work at Summer Camp? series over social media the last month or so. Every Wednesday we post a short testimony from a summer staffer sharing their experience working at camp, and why YOU should consider doing the same this summer. Perhaps you don’t follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (you should though!), so we thought we would post them on our website for your consideration!

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Why Work At Summer Camp?

Alex (a.k.a. TACO)

Program Assistant





“It’s hard to put into words how amazing Camp Ithiel is. From the moment you set foot on the beautiful campgrounds, you are filled with the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is alive at Camp Ithiel, and He can be seen in every staff member that works there. From the ringing of the bell tower, to the calm chirps of crickets at night, the atmosphere is constantly overflowing with joy. If you are not only looking for a summer job, but a spiritual experience, then Camp Ithiel is the place for you.”



Camp Counselor




“The question is why should you work at Camp Ithiel, but all I can think about is, ‘Why SHOULDN’T someone work at camp Ithiel?’ Camp Ithiel is such an awesome place to work at. Ever since I started working at camp, my life has never been the same. You get to speak life into the youth, teach them about the goodness of God, and most of all you get to participate in fun adventures like rock climbing and canoeing. Plus you get delicious buffet style meals every day. THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE THIS SUMMER, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!!”



Worship Leader




“That’s easy! Camp Ithiel is home away from home. Working there last summer was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. Just waking up to see and be greeted by gorgeous little smiles and hugs from my campers made me feel and understand just how amazing God’s love is for us! No matter where you come from, what your past looks like, your ethnicity, or background, none of that matters because we all loved and cared for one another just the same! And, oh man, don’t even get me started with how MUCH FUN we had!!! If that’s what getting paid to have FUN looks like….SIGN ME UP every summer! I hope to see you be part of our awesome team!”

Victor (a.k.a. VIC-TORY)


Camp Counselor




“I think many should work at camp because there is no better feeling than having fun from day one to finish! Being able to impact the campers’ spiritual walk and see them learn is such a rewarding job. What better job for the summer than spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through small groups and Chapel. If you are a person that loves leading, singing, or organizing activities, Camp Ithiel is for you. Don’t think about it twice! Join our staff and our summer adventures!”



Worship Leader




“Working at Camp Ithiel is a great way to serve God, love kids, and make new friends. You get many opportunities to be the person that you needed when you were younger. So often, that just means being someone campers can talk with. You get to be there for kids that might be hurting and give all of them a week that is a total blast. It is a privilege to share Jesus with them at/through this camp. Do it! :)”

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