2017 Summer Theme Clues

The 2017 Summer Theme has been decided! But instead of just telling you, we want to give you a few clues so you can try and guess! We will reveal the summer theme at noon on October 29th.

One clue by itself will not be enough to figure out the theme. But if you put the clues together, you can figure it out! Just think words. Below are the clues so far (you may want to use good ol’ Google to help you):

Clue 1:

מִסעָף and יָצָא

Clue 2:

Mentioned in some passage in the New, not Old, but New Testament.

I am connected to the vine.

The Gardener prunes me.

Clue 3:

There is a fast food burger joint out west called “In-n-_______.”

If I remain “in” Him, much fruit will come _______.

Clue 4:

In a chain, many parts are _______.

Clue 5:

We are connected through someone this guy played on the Big Screen and television.

Summer Theme 2017 Clue


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